Are there any tutorials available for using an nft drops calendar?

This is really an impetus for your NFT project to hit the mark. It takes a few seconds to add the droplet to your NFT calendar. Fortunately, you'll get it for free. And you can announce all types of NFT projects using NFT calendars.

This is why when you advertise your NFT in a famous newspaper, you will promote your NFT as authentic. Creators can schedule deliveries on Coinbase NFT and fans and collectors can click “Remember Me” to receive notifications and emails about the release date and other relevant updates. An allowed list is a list of wallet addresses that the project creator has given access to buy or mint their NFT Drop. Drops is a feature that allows creators to pre-announce when they will launch their latest NFT projects on Coinbase NFT.

It should be mentioned here that NFT calendars are free to use and play a fundamental role in promoting your NFT collections in the long term. The fees for buying an NFT at a fixed price (without an auction) are the price of the NFT and also the gas fee. Another way for collectors to find your delivery is through the Drops section of your Coinbase NFT profile. A main sale occurs when a collector selects a specific NFT that they want to buy, while a mint involves issuing the NFT on the blockchain using the creator's currency contract.

For example, they have to follow, tag, like, comment, mention, or share your NFT collections if they want to win your NFT giveaway. When you get to the shipping details page, tap “Remind me” to receive notifications and emails about the delivery date. To confirm your NFT purchase, you can view the history of your recent NFT transactions in the activity feed. Fans and collectors can set reminders about these upcoming installments and receive notifications when an NFT is available to buy or mint.

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