What is the process for listing an nft on an nft drops calendar?

We have prepared a step-by-step guide to make the process of including your NFT projects in the NFT calendar easy and correct to complete. An NFT crash occurs when a new collection of NFTs is launched.

NFT deliveries can vary both in terms of

how NFTs are sold (for sale or auction) and to whom they are distributed (to the public or to a specific list called the “allowed list”). To include your NFTs in the NFT Drops calendar, you'll need to submit a form with all the details of your NFT project.

Generally, an NFT delivery will have several stages, including a “allowed list” or “pre-manufacturing” phase, which gives early access to those on the allowed list. Backed by a huge community of collectors and followers, NFT Calendar is one of the proven channels that can claim to have the audience most likely to invest. If your project meets the selection criteria, you will receive a notification to your email address with the link to your event in the NFT calendar. For example, an art collection can offer community membership to anyone who owns an NFT from the collection, but only people who minted an NFT at the main sale get a physical impression of the artwork.

Visitors who enter virtual waiting rooms to receive NFTs can authenticate themselves as real individual customers. The NFT calendar, Solana, provides genuine information on the upcoming release dates of NFTs, Airdrops, and even news about crypto-based technology. During moderation, the NFT Calendar team thoroughly checks all the links provided to ensure that the submitted project is not a scam or an attempt at impersonation. While your event is in the moderation queue, you will see such a notification (see the screenshot below), which also offers you the possibility to improve your event if you want it to appear on the NFT calendar faster and enjoy other benefits of the Express list.

Therefore, sellers can update all the information in an NFT calendar, so that buyers don't have to spend hours searching for the latest NFT news. Whether you want to promote your NFT project or if you want to spread the news of an upcoming event or airlaunch, Infostor's NFT delivery schedule can help you stand out from the crowd. The idea of an NFT delivery schedule is to provide all the latest and future information about NFT projects. In general, when an NFT project announces its next installment (usually on its official Twitter or Discord), it will include information about the list of allowed products, “the reveal” and the release schedule.

Since the NFT economy is driven by the community and creators, creating a fair NFT launch is an important way to show customers that you care and that you can trust your project. As customers expect fair, orderly, and seamless product launches, NFT companies are looking for new ways to control the traffic increases that accompany NFT launches.

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